Tehran Summit 2015


The mission of the oil industry in fulfilling sovereignty and property rights of Iran’s nation toward petroleum and gas resources and installation across the country, includes “promoting long-term interests of the country through maximizing revenue from petroleum and gas reserves with side activities, and protection of these resources.” Evidently, the petroleum industry has several strategic policies and takes the necessary proceeding for preserving national interests of the country which are as following:

Efficient operation with the highest added value from country’s petroleum and gas resources and protecting these reserves, establishing and promoting effective interaction with national, regional and global beneficiary players, and predicting petroleum industry development procedure in the world.

For this reason, the contracts review committee of the petroleum ministry, initiated their executive project toward fundamental changes in Iran international petroleum and gas contracts forum by order of the minister of petroleum in October 2013.

1) Mission:

National persuasion, strengthening Iran international ties in regional and global domains and attracting economic cooperation in competitive global markets through using large share of Iran in petroleum and gas global reserves


2) Objectives:

2 1) Introducing Iran’s new petroleum contracts forum (IPC) for implementation of development programs in petroleum and gas fields and increasing the production of the country

2 2) Introducing investment opportunities in Iran petroleum and gas upstream industry

2 3) Reviewing the role of domestic and international key stakeholders in legal and organizational structures of the Iranian petroleum industry to attract essential investments and technologies through reflecting the latest status review in petroleum and gas upstream contracts

2 4) Introducing opportunities, capabilities and inner capacities of Iran’s petroleum industry


3) Programs:

3-1) Holding a Conference:

       3-1-1) Offering key presentations

       3-1-2) Launching ceremony of new petroleum contracts of Iran – IPC

       3-1-3) Introducing inner capacities of Iran’s petroleum industry

       3-1-4) Introducing new petroleum contracts of Iran – IPC

       3-1-5) Introducing Iran petroleum and gas upstream projects

3-2) Side Events:

       3-2-1) Press Conference

       3-2-2) Presenting a book about investment opportunities in Iran petroleum Industry

       3-2-3) Virtual photo exhibition of Iran’s petroleum industry capabilities

       3-2-4) Cultural Events